Weekly Updates: June 7th, 2021

NFT Auctions

  • Contract read through video for the NFT Auction contract recorded, although updates to contract missing and AV not great. Re-record?

  • Discussion on contract coding and architecture.

  • Some auction edge cases such as no bid cancelation, resolved.

  • Discussion on setting up various functions for chaining auctions and modifying revenue share.

  • Live Auction: IRL NFT auction to happen in Bali, Indonesia

    • Ongoing discussions with S21 Bali Crypto.

    • Discussion on event logistics.

    • Discussion of possible dates.

    • Aim for July 11th.

  • Auction Zero (Within community, test)

    • What to be auctioned?

    • How to hype? What’s our strategy?

    • Possible dates. Aim for July 4th.

    • How to put out a call for memes, NFTs.

    • Start campaign soon – Theo, Ksenya.

    • Product meeting for Thursday.

  • Auction Main Net Launch

    • Aim for August 7th.

    • Create memes/art about crypto and crypto history…. Meta-crypto.

  • Discussion on asset passport for delivering physical NFTs.

  • Possible test? Rollot plans.

  • Contracts passed to Halborn for audit.

Bank.vote and Airdrop

  • Plans moving forward. Product finalisation meeting scheduled for this week.

  • Initiate: Operation: Join the Party.

  • Vote Mining token economics close to completion.

  • Land launch date for Bank 2.0 this week.


  • LDN21

    • Pay out rewards [DONE].

    • Possible next vote: What issue should be talked about next? Send out emails.

    • ACTION: LDN21 Debrief - Record assembly video.

    • Journalist article to zebu for content.

  • Debrief from Priority Vote

    • Schedule Discord voice meeting to discuss the priority votes.

    • “You said, we did” equivalent.

  • ACTION: Plan the “What next” votes?

  • Decoding DeFi Votes.

  • ACTION: Admin Panel Flow for Setting up votes. Internal Team Use.


  • Resident Pool

    • Is making revenue in fees. LP burn rates increasing.

    • New contract upgrade to “Pool Factory” in the process.

    • Resident Pool debrief after this pulse.

    • Wind up this pool, setup vote for the next set of parameters for the next pulse.

    • Factory contract upgrade. Push a new contract on the next pulse with new stability and bug fixes.

  • Wrapping up resident, tycoon, itrust, and olyseum pools to then be upgraded.

  • Payout transaction failure issue. [Transactions Reviewed, Payouts today]

  • Working on an issue with our ethtrader banner.

  • Build analysis capacity for data tear down of resident pool data. Lots of research potential.


  • 2% of supply burned to mint Identities.

  • Discussion of possibly creating separate market vote for those citizens with high V power (pro-market).

  • What token next markets possible. Roadmap to deployment.

  • Market rounds completed: BSC Ballot #10 and ETH Ballot #29.

Merkle Drops

  • NFT merkle drop

    • Need to declare “commitment” via merkle proof and claim via merkle proof.

    • Influence identity screen airdrop integration.

  • Ethtrader collaboration open.


  • Litepaper first draft completed. Team review this week.


  • Calls being put out for UX/UI designers. More design capacity is highly desirable.

  • Meeting with potential technical recruiter.

  • Pyramid Phase begun?

  • Discussion on whether it’s time to open source the governance framework.

  • Ongoing discussions with possible designer.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • Deep Dive AMA June 4th: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1045635014

  • Do another DD AMA on Friday.

    • Advertise soon.

    • Collect questions throughout the week.

  • Create schedule/calendar for Discord.

  • Biz Dev template constructed. 8-9 potential partners listed.

  • NFT Deck and dApp suite deck content created.