Weekly Updates: June 14th, 2021

NFT Auctions

  • Unit tests written. Ready for 2D designs and connection to 3D world.

  • Auction 0

    • July 4th

    • ACTION: land plan by Friday.

    • Start Announcing soon. Ksenya.

  • “NFT Live” Auction

    • July 11th.

    • Possibly merging event with Unit Global.

    • ACTION: land plan by Friday.

    • Start announcing soon. Ksenya.

  • Auction 1.0

    • Consideration of a real estate sale.

    • Search for NFTs.

      • Cryptopunk

      • HashMask

      • Olyseum xNFT

      • Carlos Mattos

  • Halborn

    • Contracts sent to be audited. Waiting for a response.

    • 2 contract read-through meetings with the Halborn team completed. Small corrections made.

    • ACTION: Schedule next contract read-through.

    • ACTION: Message Rob/Steve.

  • Considerations of other peer review options. Ongoing.

    • “Peer Review Circle” or “Security Cartel”.

    • ACTION: Setup Telegram group.

    • Possible bug bounty?

  • ACTION: Complete “NFT Auctions and the Metaverse” Medium article.

Bank.vote & Airdrop

  • Operation: Join the Party

    • How do we deploy the technology?

  • ACTION: Arrange chat about contract with Yuvi, Marek, Adrian about merkle drop & merkle vesting.

  • Contracts written. Next step: tests, interface design, & implementation.


  • Merkle identity: contract written, middleware partway done.

  • Incinerator: contract written.

  • Refactor to make strategies per-proposal instead of per-space.

  • ACTION: Gated suggest a token form. Announcement. Incentive? Nick, Joseph.

  • Priority Vote Debrief

    • ACTION: Put out responses this week.

  • LDN21 Failed Transactions paid out.


  • Resident Pool

    • Debrief after next pulse completion. Speaking to a data scientist.

    • Liquidity Factory: contracts done, tests done, audit in progress, new interface in progress.

      • Updating our contract to a liquidity contract allows us to make governance decisions and update contracts without needing to evict everyone. They also allow us to open new pools without needing to deploy new contracts.

  • ACTION: Need to fund with more FVT. Chris.


  • BSC

    • Pokt: still borked, might work with block ranges on filters.

    • GetBlock: trying this this week.

    • Ankr: still borked.

  • Stonks on Polygon

    • What Token Next Votes first.

      • Suggest a token – ACTION: Google form for those with IDs and FVT minimum?

    • ChainLink consented.


  • BSC

    • ACTION: Make minimal code that demonstrates BSC node failure. Chris.

  • Polygon

    • Stonks

  • Chainstack Contacted.


  • ACTION: Litepaper Final Draft. Nick, Naved. Thursday.

  • Dashboard

  • Added FVT payment to Halborn to accounting sheet.


  • “The Not So HR Dept.”

    • ACTION: develop community recruitment process.

    • ONGOING: Develop Phase 2 People Strategy. (Who do we need to scale again?).

  • Update Trello Timeline

    • Convert to “Wenn Chart”.

    • Reflect priority vote in timeline.

  • What Token Next

    • Analyst Chamber.

    • ACTION: How to announce it?

    • Engineering team is optimistic that we can do the vote this week with a what-to-vote-on form.

      • Token gated only

  • Potential Designer.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • DiFi Summit Conference. (https://www.defisummit.com/)

    • Tweets published.

    • Announced to TG.

  • ONGOING: GitCoin - Hackathon.

  • Twitch Deep Dive AMA June 11th: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1052816780

  • Discussion on Clubhouse strategy.

    • ACTION: Write a new strategy. Joseph.

  • Zebu: Joseph working with Zebu on Twitter strategy.

  • Prepare a video for DeFi Summit. Branding/marketing for the video.

    • Why are DAOs necessary video recorded.

  • ACTION: Initiate Discord. Joseph, Ksenya. Thursday.

  • ACTION: Nickbot – Moving conversations from TG to Discord.

  • Bizdev

    • Recruiting

      • Matt

      • Biz Dev spreadsheet sent to Matt.

  • Zebu:

    • Been doing foundation work: messaging matrix, influencer strategy.


  • Merkle vesting?

  • Consortium?

NFT Deck and dApp suite

  • Content done.

  • ACTION: Needs design. Ask Zebu.