Weekly Updates: July 26th, 2021

Bank.vote & Airdrop

  • Airdrop

    • Who voted how many times?

    • Start moving the analysis ourselves.

    • This airdrop can help us to launch bank.vote. Will use the new version of bank.vote.

    • Discussion on vote data collected. Could give 100 tokens for every time you voted for example? BSC included.

    • Discussion on airdrop for upcoming partner.

    • A strategic goal for us is to break voter apathy.

      • Voters obtain tokens for voting. Incentive to vote. Vote mining. Over time the details can be fine-tuned by governance.

    • Using Merkle roots to allow for vesting schedules. A few more weeks before tech is ready.


  • Almost ready to go. Small little bugs left to resolve.

  • Work continues with our upcoming partner.

  • Discussion on the process for people to suggest a token or proposal.

    • Have a product meeting to discuss a suggestion box.


  • Linear decay done.

  • Have a ‘trigger vote’ – Does the community even want to change the parameters? Getting signal that the community wants to change, then vote on parameters.

  • Will launch a new version of yield once we hear back from Halborn.

    • Communication plan.

  • Resident Pool

    • Halborn meeting soon.


  • Have begun creating a markets.vote 2.0.

  • What token next? Come up with a list to show? Can suggest. For next week. NFT gated. Test run to collect signal.

    • Can do on BSC chain by whitelisting addresses. Chris to discuss with the engineering team on the best possible route to make happen.

  • Suggest a token. How? Vote mining. We are going to pay you for market intelligence which you will see. Produce reports you can see. Collective intelligence. Can we together figure out which tokens will perform well in the next market?

  • Write a proposal for what token next.


  • Begin using CryptPad. Transfer over Google files to CryptPad and backup.


  • Putting together principles votes. Push to next week.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • ACTION: FVT Feature Benefit Matrix. Chris, Naomi, Matt, Nick.

    • Schedule meeting to discuss.

  • Everyone rekted. Learn and collaborate. Nick Article or video. How to be smarter next time. Video possibly Chris C. Getting people out of their depression.

  • Ksenya, Naved, Chris C. video collaboration on a video.

  • DAO week competition and prizes.

  • ACTION: FVT Feature Benefit Matrix. Chris, Naomi, Matt, Nick.

  • Dune Dashboard.

  • Discussion Podcast.