Weekly Updates: August 2nd, 2021

NFT Auction

  • 3D Team starting this week. “Team Virtue”.

  • Book meeting for Tuesday.

  • Reviewing potential OKRs for team.

  • Branding meeting today Aug 2nd.

  • Prepare for Demo.

  • Design directions. Interface designs.

    • Land designs by Friday.

  • Agenda: Mon research, Tues branding, Wed start design.

  • Document for design suggestions for Wednesday.

  • Make deck, website, marketing content.

  • 2D

    • Space for those not using 3D space.

    • Background –  we could use a color or overlay the 3D world onto the 2D world. Static background.

Bank.vote & Airdrop

  • We have designs for bank. (add commit popup and NO vesting journey)

  • Airdrop

    • Complete vote mining design Aug. 6th.

    • Types of vesting: Automatic Vesting, Manual Vesting, No Vesting. How to use.

    • OKRs for Airdrop.​​​​​​​

    • Collect addresses and assign token amount. Aug. 6th.

    • Airdop UX design ready to be reviewed.

    • Using basic interface and existing contract for this launch.

    • Aiming for Friday 13th for Airdrop.

      • Includes anyone who has voted in any Influence or Markets vote ethereum or BSC chains.

      • Users will come to Bank to claim.

      • Marketing

        • Can announce Airdrop this week. Will help us to push the Influence vote for what token next.

        • Initial teaser followed by what token next vote.

        • Zebu. Will build marketing around OKRs.


  • Vote mining for Influence votes.

  • What token next?

    • Wed – UI changes and BSC voting for What token next?

    • Start announcing during the week and aim to launch vote on Friday.

    • Allow 5 days for the vote.

  • Where is the product at?

    • Multi-chain option has created delays. Looking at some solutions.

  • Work with partner.

    • Announcement draft completed. Partner to approve.

    • Will announce to public soon.


  • Ready to deploy Wednesday. Start new pool. New interface.

    • Aim to push one week after. Aug. 13th

    • Comms Mon Aug. 9th. Prepare to announce.

  • Itrust

    • All their Basic Pools work as is.

    • Meeting Tues. Aug 3rd.

  • Turn new pulse into recurring announcement.

  • Update accounts screen. Front-end.

  • Aim to be feature complete by Friday Aug. 2nd.


  • ACTION: Schedule a Markets design meeting for next week. Open to public on Discord. Aim for Tuesday Aug. 10th.

    • ACTION: Announce on TG and Discord.


  • New Meeting Format

    • Smaller shorter focused meetings.

    • Breaks after 30 minutes

    • Clear on departments and departmental meetings.

    • Begin imagination/hangout time. Shedule for Friday. Naved.

  • Moving over to Proton mail from Google.

    • Research single sign-in. In discussion with Proton support. Naomi.


  • OKRs - onboarding plan on Mon.

  • Discussion on more public meetings.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • Schedule call for Thursday to discuss. Matt, Ksenya, Joeseph, Chris C, Naved, Naomi.

  • Possible. Weekly theme for the week.