Weekly Updates: August 13th, 2021

Bank.vote & Airdrop

  • New engineer Patrick working on it with Marek. He is onboarding with our new documentation.

  • Vote mining design nearing completion.

  • Halborn auditing contract.

  • Some changes made to the contract. Some new automated tests.

  • Prepare for Ropsten network test to be done among team members.


  • Ongoing work with partner.

  • What token next? vote is live.

    • We all vote on it. Promote it. Be active.

    • In Comms meeting, discuss how we can push more and create more excitement around it.

  • Team Virtue – 3D Team

    • Refining to a scalable system.

    • Flow diagram created on Miro.

    • Bringing on new influencer as an advisor.

    • Preparing our product more to assist other communities to run votes.

    • Moving communications forward on this. Zebu. Marketing plan. Marketing deck.

    • Sequential minting.

  • Discussion on new ways to internally test.

  • New potential partner wanting to onbaord to use Influence. Potentially to use full dApp suite for their DAO.

    • How they will use Influence.

    • Building strategy.

    • Pitch Deck.

    • Potential influence video. Chris C.

  • Creating dashboard for Admin?


  • New tests have been run.

  • Design fixes.

  • Itrust wants to do another Basic Pool and Resident Pool.

    • Prepare announcements for this.

    • Want to add 2 more pools.

  • ACTION: Make document explaining technical differences for new yield version. Technical Summary. Chris.

  • Prepare announcements for new yield launch.

  • ACTION: Complete Feature Benefit Matrix for yield. Chris. Matt.

  • Discussion on partnership fee.

  • Resident Pool.​​​​​​​

    • ACTION: Naomi to write PR for Zebu.

  • Deployed contracts. Pools added.

  • Few frontend bugs being fixed.

  • Yield 2.0 launched on Aug 13th.


  • Bridge

    • When the server goes down, money is not lost. If tokens made it to the contract, they are safe.


  • Discussion on system for tech support.

  • Meeting flow and organization.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • Image for What token next?

  • Image for Bridge.

  • Announcements.

  • Discussion on reorganizing our comms team and strategy.

  • Naomi to take on a more CMO role.


  • Discussion on bounty for community members who help land us a working partnership.

    • Land a bounty amount.