Weekly Updates: August 20th, 2021

Bank.vote & Airdrop

  • Space Station is running. Can see latest version of work there. For team use.

  • Pushing up Airdrop to allow for more promotion time. Possible for launch of the Pyramid phase of the network.

    • Zebu to work on PR.

    • Brief, audiences, goals.

  • Bank is nearing readiness for test. Community testing first.


  • Designs. Rendering pipeline.

  • Ongoing discussions on further developing influence for DAO use and voting. Potential communities we could work with?


  • Resolving minor bugs with yield 2.0.

    • We refunded a user for a previous issue.

    • Minor UX issue.

    • iTrust UX pool names.

  • UX wording.

  • A bug in our Resident Pool contract (LiquidityFactory) found that caused withdrawals to burn liquidity tokens instead of sending them back to their owners.

    • One user withdrew their slot and their deposit got burned instead of returned. User lost some money and will be refunded.

    • Issue resolved.

    • TG/Discord Announcement.

  • Incentivized test for core community members. Testnet Launch. Relaunch yield 2.0.

    • Incentive amounts to be voted on.

  • Community testing on Ropsten to be included in all future launches. FVT holders as alpha testers for the dApp suite.

  • Discussion on new potential partnerships.


  • Bridge

    • New fix that increases stability and uptime.


  • Schedule Imagination Time for Wednesday.

  • Discussion on hiring our own internal security team.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • Discussion on potential hackathons.

  • Discussion on newslater.