Weekly Updates: August 27th, 2021

Bank.vote & Airdrop

  • Stable link. On Ropsten. On schedule.

  • Need to finalize the addresses and token amounts.

  • Airdrop Announcement

    • Technical details. How we decided on these details.

      • Write up.

    • Vote mining. Incentivize people to participate in governance.

  • Discussion on decentralised payroll.

  • Discussion on Ropsten Test.

  • Schedule meeting to further discuss bank next week. Joint QA with the team.

  • Halborn audit on airdrop contract.


  • Potential partner.

    • Joining one of their community calls.

  • Discussion. Should aggregate vote totals be shown while a vote is running?

  • Potential Partner

    • Preparing marketing deck.

  • Potential Partner

    • Discussion.

  • Making URL where you can download csv for What token next vote.

  • Discussion on funs votes.

  • People are wanting votes in their DAOs on what to do with treasury funds such as purchasing NFTs or not.

  • What is Influence 2.0? Make the coolest Influence app. Campaign. Outreach.


  • Ropsten Test

    • Contracts are deployed and pools are added.

    • Where to get rFVT and rSLP? Links.

    • Monday Aug 23rd Start.

  • Itrust Pools​​​​​​​

    • Halborn audit.

  • Zebu PR. Announcement document. Ksenya. Naomi.

  • Prepare Discord, Telegram, Twitter announcements.

  • Purchase new Ethtrader banner.


  • Payroll discussion.


  • Invite engineering team to Imagination Time. Wednesday.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • Monthly Newsletter

    • Substack.

    • What to include?

  • Twitter

    • Zebu Articles.

    • Strategies

      • Tweets guiding you to do something.

      • Responses to things going on in the industry.

      • Tweets for engagement or funnels users to somewhere.

      • Calls to action. Questions.

  • How to communicate our What token next vote?

    • rjkillmex review.

    • Tweet.

    • Poll. Our users thought this, what do you guys think? Twitter.

  • LinkedIn campaign.

  • Governance for the NFT space angle.

  • Data Analytics.

    • Potential smart contract read-through video.

    • Potential. Writeup explainer. Or, FAQ pinned message.


  • FVT Benefit Matrix almost near completion.

    • Clean copy for Zebu. Naomi.

    • Put into documentation. Marta.