Weekly Updates: September 6th, 2021

Bank.vote & Airdrop

  • Bank QA.

  • Internal team testing.


  • Adding a discussion element to Influence to facilitate early proposal formation.

  • Making NFT visible when voting.

  • 3D Team

    • Designs are done.

    • Arrange product meeting on strategy for NFT series project. Tuesday 9 UTC.

      • Discussion on economics of NFT minting.

      • Content for a landing page.

      • Marketing and messaging strategies.

        • Fair NFT launch.

      • Twitter account.

      • High gas prices?

  • Issue with BSC IDs voting for Influence vote.

  • Influence 2.0 UX.


  • Yield farming article getting good traction. 500 views on first day. https://financedotvote.medium.com/finance-vote-announces-xenia-a-90-million-fvt-liquidity-program-c1d9e2c87167

  • Noon UTC. Deploy Yield contract.

    • Notify Alex K.

    • Backup IPFS links.

    • Add quick guide to website.

  • Deploying liquidity factory contracts.

  • Announcements

    • Announce block numbers tomorrow.

    • Medium article.

    • How to make more exciting.

    • TG – get out ASAP. Get activity up.

    • Discord.

    • Countdown.

  • Retake Ethtrader banner Tuesday.

  • iTrust

    • 50mil cap on their Resident Pool.

  • More easy step-by-step documents/videos/tutorial images/slideshow etc. Something that could be forwarded on TG.


  • Bridge is up. Has not gone down for a week.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • More educational video assets.