Weekly Updates: September 13th, 2021


  • New Partner: Stoner Cats.

    • Have agreed to use influence.

    • Discussion on their DAO structure.

    • Strategies and next steps.

    • Zebu and marketing.

  • Potential Partner

    • Brand and product strategy, branding. Naomi.

    • NFT art rendering.

    • Rarity scheme. Look over the math and code.

    • Minting strategy.

    • Front-end. Interface.

    • Strategy meeting Tuesday Sept. 14th.


  • Competitor analysis. Marta.


  • Final draft of governance framework. Then present to the community. Nick.

  • Weekly theme structure. Weekly Priorities.

  • New system. Master file of links to all working documents.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • Weekly Community Call.

  • Discourse Radio. Joseph, Matt.

  • Compiling event list. Ksenya.

  • New community activities. Ksenya. Nick.

  • Website. Marketing Expansion.

  • NFT deck for approaching NFT DAOs.

  • Friday call? Update or learning call?

  • A Weekly Programme. Start for next week. Announce at the beginning of the week, visual timetable.

  • Newsletter strategy.


  • Jobs Board. Matt.

  • DAO Recruitment. Route to contribution. Matt, Nick.