Weekly Updates: September 27th, 2021

DAO Suite

  • yield.vote

    • Basic Pool.

    • Correcting stats.

    • Liquidity mining programme.

    • Tycoon Pool.

    • Tokeneconomics.

      • Houses.

      • Marketing push to attract whales.

      • Try to start Tycoon Pool when next Basic Pool starts.

  • auction.vote

    • Potential partner discussion. They are looking for a fair and transparent auction.

  • influence.vote

    • Stoner Cats

      • Tech Demo went well. Ran a binary and quadratic vote with the community.

      • Next, they want to run a vote to name their new DAO and a Yes or No vote on whether to open their token-gated group.

    • Schedule some votes this week.

    • Discussion on allowing our community to begin making proposals. Proposals on new features.

    • Work on making Influence more mobile friendly.

    • Action: Create next features list for Influence.

    • Action: Badges - use our own merkle system to drop them.


  • Unite the Tribes

    • Working on minting page.

    • Contracts tested.

    • Zac making materials for launch page.

    • Website designs.

    • Discord. Chris C. Team to be created.

    • Branding pending - waiting on availability of creator.

    • Strategy operation document is close to first draft.

    • Schedule followup Tech (Tues) and Marketing (Wed) meetings this week.

Communications & Marketing

  • New DAO Alliance.

  • DeFi Live - Good target.


  • First draft of the Programme Release today.

  • Need a solution for AV in Discord.

  • Structured Events.

  • Telegram Vote - Should we shutdown TG and move completely to Discord? Binary Vote for citizens.


  • Governance Framework Meeting this week.


  • Chris S. - Tech for NFT minting. Engineering team to focus on Influence.

  • Ksenya - Art project and programme development.

  • Marta - Testing Influence and NFT project research.

  • Naomi - Branding / Stoner Cats / product.

  • Matt - Newsletter and Jobs Board.

  • Lenny - Branding.

  • Naved - Editing on documentation, document repository, yield customer study.