Weekly Updates: October 4th, 2021

Asynchronous Strategy Meeting

Priorities for Oct. 4th - 10th

  • Chris S. - Get an end-to-end Rinkeby run of new project this week and lock down as much of the codebase for it as possible.

  • Chris C. - Compile a timetable of releases to Twitter channel - date of post, what we will post including videos, and other media too.

  • Nick - Continue Discord and community development with more polished Programme. Make sure everyone has what they need for launching Tribes DAO.

  • Joseph - Programme calendar and weekly episodes with Matt. Potential first interview on Discord. Help Chris C. with Twitter.

  • Naved - Finish editing technical documentation on readthedocs site. 2x Imagination Time. Programme scheduling. Editing.

  • Lenny - Go over final revisions with Naomi for the mint page.

  • Marta - Testing yield and influence. Research NFT projects from Cryptpad list.

  • Ksenya - Prepare some announcements related to The Programme and call for artists research.

  • Naomi - Tribes DAO branding and website. Coordinate with Zebu or growth hacking and marketing strategy for new project launch.

  • Matt - Newsletter research for Introduction Series and build on-ramping process.