Weekly Updates: October 11th, 2021

DAO Suite

  • markets.vote

    • Fund contracts.

    • Get BSC data for data analyst. Potential community call on reading smart contracts and data analytics.

  • yield.vote

    • The Programme - this week focusing on yield.

    • Marketing for next Basic Pool.

    • Nick to suggest new token economics for Yield pools on Thursday and then build vote.

  • bank.vote

    • Get demo ready.

  • influence.vote

    • miniDAO set up process.


  • New Partnership

    • Announcement. Plan to announce this Thursday.

    • Arrange a Discord event on Communication Day next week.

  • Stoner Cats

    • First votes as soon as possible.

    • Offer a council of cats meeting.


  • Unite the Tribes. 2.5 weeks till potential go button. Trigger when traction.

  • Whale Games - liquidity mining next phase.

Communications & Marketing

  • Content - Nick

    • What is finance.vote?

    • So you want to build a DAO?

  • Website Review - new landing page for website - progressive development strategy.

  • ACTION: drive folder for website material. Naomi.

  • Zebu. Fix our comms channel.


  • The Programme.

    • Content good, we need more engagement.

    • Process of suggesting sessions (this week for next week), freeze (for next week).

    • Seed engagement strategies.

    • ACTION: visual template for The Programme.


  • ACTION: Create event list and marketing. Nick, Naved.

  • Public votes – TG/Discord vote, left-brain/right-brain vote.


  • Nick - Lots of content. Support in Programme development and community engagement. Discord team set up.

  • Chris S. - Get new project tech fully ready.

  • Kenya - Repurpose The Programme doc for announcements for this week & write announcements. Support next week’s schedule creation. Write a semi-open call for artists and put it in some groups. Discord.

  • Lenny - Add storyline concept to mint page for new project. Review new Yield account dashboard with Naomi.

  • Chris C. - Keep up Twitter heat. Videos and tweets for upcoming project.  Work with Nick/Naomi on documentation for influencers.

  • Joseph - Help land The Programme schedule, write announcements, get music bot working, & schedule interview with Zak from 3D team.

  • Marta - Further work on NFT projects. Collect some tips on how to avoid scams, how to be safe in the cryptoworld, and prepare list of some scam projects.

  • Naved - Organization with Nick. Imagination Time - public and internal. Weekly Updates. Prepare payroll. Polishing Technical Documentation.