Weekly Updates: November 8th, 2021

DAO Suite

  • bank.vote

    • Lenny update.

    • Discussion on vesting.

    • Run simulations. How much will it cost to initialize?

  • bridge.vote

    • Bug fixes.


  • Stoner Cats

    • Still doing their vote.

    • UX requests

      • Naomi creating log and prioritizing. Numerous fixes will come with Influence 2.0. Share link to Ksenya and their devs.

  • Asking for votes for multiple contracts. Combined votes. Ronin and Stoner Cat holders.

    • Back-end available for this. 2 contracts on the same chain.

    • Continue to develop the tech.

  • TotemFi

    • Create nation.

    • 2 proposal creators.

  • New Partner

    • Ran successful bank test with them.

    • Lenny working on onboarding.

    • Matt to be point of contact, Naomi to bring him up to speed.

    • Chris S. to make example spreadsheet.

    • First run this Friday (target).

    • Filetypes.

    • Get csv data from them.

  • Potential Partner

    • Want to launch their own NFT series for their DAO, voting.

    • Maybe they are a tribe.

    • Maybe they are first mint.vote partner.

    • Very different style

    • 50/50 split sale.

    • Secondary market goes to public goods fund.

    • Naomi to send proposal today and Naomi potential meeting.

    • Potential dates.


Communications & Marketing

  • Updates from Chris C. on influencers, Youtubers, Twitter, Discord, etc., and strategies.

  • Discussion on prize, competition, and award ideas.

  • Discuss Twitter Spaces next week.

  • Zebu to take over Twitter in 1-2 weeks. Matt to continue to manage for now.