Weekly Updates: November 15th, 2021

DAO Suite

  • markets.vote

    • Play to earn dynamic.

    • New iterations of the contracts near completed.

    • Plan a walkthrough on the contracts.

  • yield.vote

    • Updates to be deployed this week.

    • Coinbase wallet integration.

      • Working on some small kinks.

      • Will have Marta test soon.

    • Bug fixes to the stats.

    • Data analysis for yield.

    • Plan for data session soon.

  • auction.vote

    • Product design session on auction in a few weeks time.

  • bank.vote

    • Bank is now multi-chain. Contracts deployed on BSC and Ethereum.

    • There are some changes required for multi-chain.

    • Need the .csv for new partner.

    • Generate spreadsheet for the airdrop.

  • influence.vote

    • Guidance on extracting data from influence votes.

    • Influence walkthrough on Thursday 11am UTC.

    • TG/Discord vote concluded with removing Telegram channel. Action: Followup with a QV on whether to delete forever, make read-only, keep the citizens chat, etc. Aim for vote this week.

    • Action: combined binary vote strategy.

  • bridge.vote

    • Bridge is up and functional.

    • From chain, change wallet [missing some info UX] - investigate.


  • Stoner Cats

    • DAO naming vote went well.

  • TotemFi - proposer addresses (who do they want to be able to create proposals) - realm set up today.

  • New Partner - Complete first distribution.

  • Ethtrader - investigate governance procedures.

  • DeFi Live leads.

  • Apply for a DAO Alliance form - invite only.


  • TribesDAO

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Digital Ocean hangup.

    • Build redundancy plan for whatever clouds we are using.

    • Half of rendering completed.

    • Testing on minting suite. So far everything working.

    • Action: Ready for community testing. Aim for this week.

    • Place holder NFTS.

Communications & Marketing

  • Add more data focused tasks to TaskBoard.

  • Marketing on TribesDAO. Tokeneconomics of NFTs. Chris C., Nick.

  • Zebu, Chris C.

  • Review explainer video for Shibakus.

  • More graphic design support for Matt.


  • The Programme theme for this week is “Community”.

  • Animate community to help generate more content.

  • Twitter Spaces. Wednesday. Discuss details in Programme chat today and land topic about DAOs.