Creating Proposal

  1. On the main page choose interesting you space.

  2. To create a new proposal, hit New Proposal button in the proposal list view.

    proposal list screen
  3. In the form fill in Question field with a name for your proposal. Remember to keep it short and pithy. Below that fill in What is your proposal? field with a description of what your question concerns, try to clarify with details what you want to ask. Describe every choice you’ll put to the vote so everyone knows what it is about. If you need more space to the text area use expand button.

    question field


    Remember to use less than 40 000 characters in your proposal description

  4. Fill in choices for your voting. You need to put at least 2 choices, which should relate to the proposal description. To add more choices hit Add choice button, to remove choice use X mark next to the choice you want to remove. Adding choice tag is optional. Tag serves as filtering option in voter’s opinion list. More on that in the proposal view section.

    choices field
  5. Fill in proposal details:
    • hit Select start date button. In the popped up window choose voting start date. Below calendar your timezone is shown. After choosing day, a new window with starting time will shown.

    • startdate time

    • do the same for the end date. Remember that dates of voting start and end mustn’t be the same.

    • Choose strategy vote: Token Weighted or Multi Identity. Token Weighted allows to use only one identity assigned to the wallet address, while Multi Identity allows voting with all identities assigned to the wallet address.

    • Choose proposal sign. You can choose from existing signs within dropdown menu or create your own by hitting “Add new sign”. Choosing to add your own sign, a new window will pop up with name field and color picker, but remember to put sign name maximum 4 characters long.

    • sign signpicker

  6. When everything is filled out we recommend to check everything because once published there is no editing possibility.

  7. After making sure everything is correct you can finally hit Publish button. If all required fields are filled in properly, loading screen and signature request from MetaMask will appear.

  8. All done! Proposal has been made and you’ve been sent to the main page. To view created proposal choose again interesting you space. Created proposal should appear on the proposal list.