Proposal view

Main view of proposal contains a title and a description with all the information about ballot and ballot’s choices. Details contain proposal hash (IPFS field), voting strategy, start and end voting date, block height (Snapshot field) and voting result data in JSON.
Below that, right after first entrance, there are three tabs(later, depending on taken actions there may be four of them):
  • My vote

  • Aggregated votes (hidden until voted)

  • Opinions

  • Votes list (and submitted votes counter)

My Vote tab

My Vote tab contains identity picker (only in multi identity strategy proposals), account available votes, distribution of votes (allocation field) and vote form.

proposal view

Aggregated Votes tab

This tab can only be seen after you’ve already voted and it shows current results if the ballot is still running or final results if the ballot is finished.
If a winner box were switched ‘on’ during proposal creating, it will be shown as well.

Aggregated Votes tab while ballot is still running shows only user’s information on the left side.


Aggregated Votes tab after ballot is finished shows total $I power spend, number of voters and a winner box with detailed information.

Opinions tab

In the opinions tab you can see justifications for votes submitted by other users. Filtering by tags is a simple way to filter out only interesting you choices. Depending on whether choices tags where added during creating a proposal, they will be shown there as an filtering options. If tags where omitted, choices names will be shown here instead.
Sorting options works either for all opinions or filtered out choices. You can sort by oldest or newest opinions and by $I Power.

Votes list tab

Votes list tab informs how much voting power were spend by each vote (with token weighted strategy every wallet address could have only one vote, with multi identity strategy every identity has one vote available):



  1. To submit a vote you need to click into vote field votefield and type in a value or simply use arrows shown when you hover over a field votefieldarr . Voting system is based on quadratic voting system, so every value typed in is squared. This mechanism allows to vote more than once(allocate more than 1 vote) on a particular choice but the stronger(valuable) your votes get, the more it costs you. You can spend all of your vote power over one choice or split it over all available choices - it is up to you, but you have to distribute votes the way its total value doesn’t exceed your vote power:

Wrong allocation Wrong allocation

  • There is a possibility of negative voting. If you definitely don’t want particular choice to win you can try to weaken its position. To do so you have to put a negative value into the value field. Typed in value is still squaring and counted out of your vote power.

  1. If everything is correct, you can click “Vote” button which triggers a pop-up justification window to show:

  1. If you’d like, You can justify every vote. This commentary is public and will be shown in the opinions tab. When you finish justifying your votes or simply decide not to answer, hit the “Submit Vote” button (if you won’t put any opinions, system will ask you to confirm empty comments before you go next).

  2. Next step is to sign MetaMask signature request:

  1. After signing, your vote is submitted and you are back into the proposal view.


Token Weighted strategy, 3 choices available, 2 accounts voting.

  1. Account 1. (50$ vote power available) votes:

    * Coffee     5  votes   -> $25 power
    * Kombucha  -4  votes   -> $16 power
    * Green Tea  3  votes   -> $9  power
    * TOTAL:    12  votes,     $50 power
  2. Account 2. (100$ vote power available) votes:

    * Coffee     3  votes   -> $9  power
    * Kombucha   8  votes   -> $64 power
    * Green Tea -5  votes   -> $25 power
    * TOTAL:    16  votes,     $98 power


As you can see, having twice as much voting power doesn’t double votes quantity (in this example: $50 -> 12 votes, $100 -> 16 votes)

1. After voting, Aggregated Votes tab becomes visible, where current results are shown. If the ballot is still running, that results may change if another voter comes into play. My Vote tab is still accessible after the voting but now instead of voting possibility user’s sent votes are shown there.

  1. After voting is finished, in the Aggregated Votes tab results are shown: