Weekly Updates: May 10th, 2021

Yield.vote Resident Pool (for Ethereum citizens)

  • Launch Sequence Finalized

  • Incentivized test closes Friday 14th 12:00pm UTC

  • Citizens Vote Closes Sunday 16th Midnight UTC

  • Mainnet Launch: Monday 17th 12:00pm UTC

  • Incentive for Resident Pool Test: get FVT rewards for the most amount of properties held for the longest.

  • Citizens vote to be held on influence.vote where citizens vote on parameters to be used for the mainnet launch. Dr. Nick will begin to curate debate in telegram citizens group

  • Dr. Nick to write article on Resident Pool and citizens vote for Resident Pool

  • Website visuals created

  • Discussion on social media posts

  • Bug Bounty: bug bounty being paid out to user who identified critical issue


  • Discussing strategy on how citizens can propose new tokens to be added to markets.vote

  • Prepare for “What Token Next?!” Influence vote using token weighted QV

  • Fix BSC strategy

  • Working with Pokt

  • Working with Ankr

  • PropOther expensive provider came back and admitted their nodes can’t sync either

  • Infra providers claim to be close. Chain continues to show signs of being fundamentally rekt.


  • Finalizing details for NFT auction to take place this month

  • Thursday Dev meeting to discuss details of auction.vote

LDN21 (A London Election Voting Experiment)

  • Meeting with a new press officer to create tabloid-like article about the LDN21 vote.

  • Continuing discussion with political groups

  • Finalizing the parameters to be used in PDF that will showcase the analytics of the LDN21 vote


  • Ongoing discussion with 5 potential partners

  • Building governance proposal for key partner for this month.

  • 3 partnership announcements in progress

  • Build dApp suite deck for adopting new DAOs


  • Scheduled Dev meeting to establish branding to prepare for collaborations with PR partners for next Wednesday

  • Communications strategy: deciding on our strategy to engage/recruit thought leaders.

Community Fund

  • Has been setup

  • Queue of transactions setup to pay out content creators

  • Set up rolling quadratic voting system for payouts and bounty system


  • Continuing work on Timeline to soon be made public

  • Continuing work on Governance Map to soon be made public

  • Continuing work with lawyers to establish our legal entities


  • Bug Fix: “Winner” not showing on influence.vote.

  • Set up episode 2 ethereum citizens vote for use in designing yield parameters.

  • Release LDN21 results and push to press.

BSC Citizens

  • Create a community video vote in BSC chamber to help create an upcoming “degen friendly” launch video for BSC markets when functional.