Weekly Updates: May 24th, 2021

Merkle Drops

  • Discussion on Merkle drop technology and timeline for first Merkle drop deployment.

  • Currently running various contract tests. Showing promising results. Halborn audit to follow.

  • Discussion on UX design for users where they would commit to vesting schedule or withdraw.

    • Merkle drops present the possibility of gasless airdrops of both tokens and NFTs. Opens the door for decentralized payroll. Each receiver could have their own vesting schedule. Can help us deliver a large batch of minted identities. User directed vesting schedules can double as a proxy for commitment to the network.


  • Incentivized Test

    • Required - scripts for interpreting contract data needed to determine payouts.

  • Resident Pool

    • Working on minor stability and bug fixes to be pushed out on the next pulse.

    • Failed transaction rounds issues resolved. Refunds outstanding for Tx’s related to front end issue.

    • Resident Pool economics playing out as planned. Proceed to Tycoon Pool release.

  • Setup meeting with Halborn to discuss smart contract security and audit flow.


  • BSC
    • Pokt and Anker claiming progress and fixes but slow network node issue persists.

    • Reaching out to Pokt and Anker for comment.

  • BSC Ballot #8 winner announced.

  • ETH Ballot #27 winner announced.

  • Now on Polygon.

  • Opening conversations about new markets on new chains.


  • Continuing front end design of 2D/3D interface for experience NFTs for Olyseum.

  • Discussion on token auction and yield pool for Olyseum.

  • Discussion on business model to be had with Olyseum. Potential mixed revenue model.

  • Discussion on promotion strategy for auction house.

  • Front end for NFT auction created.

  • Zebu creating content for auction release.

  • Discussion on how to market 3D auction house.


  • LDN21

    • Continuing discussion with press.

    • Pay out London FVT rewards.

  • Citizens Priority Vote

    • Two votes: NFT gated (Ethereum Citizens) and token-weighted will be created for signalling towards user priorities.


  • Liquidity deployed to Polygon.

  • Discussions with SAFU wallet about collaboration.

  • Create post on multi-chain strategy and contract address confirmation.

  • Contact Coingecko to update the markets list.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • Weekly Updates posted to Gitlab and announced on Telegram.

  • r/ethtrader banner purchased.

  • Meeting with r/ethtrader to discuss AMA.

  • Discussion on DMF (Decentralized Monetary Fund) for bank.vote, auction.vote, and yield.vote.

  • Friday meeting with animator to make explainer video of entire dApp suite.

  • Friday meeting to discuss next wave of video content prep.

  • Discussion on Nick and Chris creating and teaching open sourced smart contract course.

  • Discussion on viability for an IRL art auction event to be held with a crypto group in Bali, Indonesion using auction.vote.

  • Discord strategy discussed. Migration to discord imminent. Collaborate with Ksenya on approach and new content cycle.

  • A “Deep Dive AMA” was proposed in the main TG group. Proceed to set up and publish.


Community Fund

  • Low numbers of submissions for creative content. Pick this up again.

  • Link the community fund with DD AMA work and promote more content creation.


  • Thursday Operations meeting to discuss organization, time efficiencies, scheduling, and writing/content strategies.


  • 2 new developers added to the front end team.

  • 1 developer promoted to managerial role.

  • Recruitment search for: CIO, rust developers, product designers, solidity developers, and open call for crypto and data analysts.

  • UX designer urgent priority.