Weekly Updates: May 31st, 2021

NFT Auctions

  • In discussions with a physical art auction in Bali, Indonesia – NFT Live.

  • Operation NFT Live Leads - Naved and Joseph.

  • Introducing two further engineers to the 3D auction system.

  • Arrange a call with the art team next week.

  • NFT Auction contract audited at the moment as we Halborn.

  • Single auction contracts or sequential - requires moderate redesign of the contracts.

  • Nick to arrange with Yuvi to do a contract read through video.

  • Build requirements document for finalising the 3D auction and plot next development trajectory.

  • Video event exploration.

  • Roadmap to multiplayer.

  • Wallet connect onboarding sequence - minimal IRL bidding design.

  • Mobile first on this product.

  • NFT product meeting on Friday.

  • Theo and Ksenya to build Auction Zero and BSC Identities proposals.

  • Operation Auction Zero (first NFT auction to be held on auction.vote) Leads - Theo and Ksenya.

Bank.vote and airdrop

  • Open discussion with Commerce Block in future with regards to Merkle tree cryptography.

  • Merkle vesting contracts are written, compiled.

  • Tests being developed.

  • Audit to be computed.

  • More middleware than usual.

  • Merkle NFT drop contract in final stages of design.

  • Discussions with ethtrader mods to carry out our first large scale influence vote.

  • Appendable merkle roots.

  • Build out the ethtrader in collaboration with the mods. Aim for the end of June.

  • Build out vote mining token economics including initial influence.vote experiments.

  • Vote mining June campaign.

  • Bank 2.0 - needs to be refactored to include an airdrop and vesting system.

  • Arrange product meeting for Bank 2.0 next Tuesday 11am.

  • Operation ethtrader: Nick and Yuvi.


  • LDBNLondon Experiment Debrief

    • Send article to Zebu.

    • Pay out FVT rewards to Londoners ASAP.

  • Priority votes.

  • What next votes?

  • Decoding DeFi votes.

  • Send press release to Zebu.

  • Nick to do report distribution on LinkedIn.

  • Working on resolving snapshotting of historic state for the token weighted priority vote (infura).

  • On track for priority votes on Monday, both Ethereum IDs and FVT token weighted.

  • Current strategies (token weighted, ID gated, address gated) require two different “spaces” (top level data structure which contains proposals), we will seek to allow multiple strategies per space in the next iterations.

  • We need to make influence.vote more public facing.

  • Prepare for data analysis between voting strategies.

  • Plan to what token next?

  • Start construction of admin screen for rapid vote and proposal creation. Naomi, Nick, Yuvi and dev team.

  • Building admin panel flow.

  • NFT priority Monday.


  • Diagnose issue with inability to kick people out.

  • Plot Tycoon Pool.

  • Data tear down.


  • Market rounds completed: BSC Ballot #9 and ETH Ballot #28.


  • One new engineer onboarded this week.

  • One further engineer joining team next week.

  • Taking total engineering head count to 8.

  • Seeking CIO (Chief Information Officer) role.

  • Building up a more robust dev ops and management layer to scale development across apps.

  • Token economics workshop this week completed. Landed a strong utility case for FVT across all live and forthcoming apps.

  • Operation Chicken Coup - dApp factory contracts and decentralised scalable deployment.


  • BSC Status.

  • Develop artwork for BSC identity strategy.

  • Publish State of BSC article.

  • ANKR appears to have a functioning archive node. Negotiating test end point.

  • We’ve gone to Polygon.

  • Discussion on bridge. Possible bridge to Polygon.

  • Connected with SAFU wallet team.

  • Liquidity Strategy in advance of the bridge.

  • Bridge not possible on BSC without working node infra.

  • Contact Chainsafe.

Community, Content, Marketing

  • Schedule discord Strategy Meeting.

  • Nick to apply to NFT NYC event http://nft.nyc

  • Weekly Updates posted to Gitlab and announced on Telegram.

  • Discussion on new strategy to manage relationships.

    • Create spreadsheet.

    • Engaging a business developer to assist to seek out and open relationships.

    • Setup new telegram group.

  • Nick/Yuvi: Start internal smart contract training programme and set path to open source.

  • Assign LinkedIn to Zebu.